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I have been dying to get radiant heated floors in my home but never was able to look into it because I always was under the impression that it was very pricey as well as expensive, with the floors always cold in our home, my hubby had an idea, then he was researching all sorts of Heating and A/C systems, mainly heating systems though, plus he started reading about the whole concept of radiant heated flooring, now, this has been something on my wish list for literally years, however I’ve never even told him about it since I thought it was an extravagant expense like I mentioned before. But when he brought it up, it was all I could do not to burst out into a fit of happiness! I couldn’t imagine that he was even contemplating installing radiant heated flooring in our happy house! But after he researched it for a while plus we both talked about it, both of us decided that it was the best choice for us in our happy home. Now both of us have the radiant heated floors on order plus in a couple of weeks, we’re going to have the Heating and A/C supplier come out to do the installation for the new radiant heated floors! I’m so gleefully over the sky that I can’t even believe it. Not only will it help on our heating plus cooling expenses in the long run, however it’s going to keep myself and others in our happy home from having frigid cold feet in the winter time months! I’m so glad that our partner came across the idea when he was looking at heating as well as the cooling systems for our happy house.

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