I'll probably stay at this HVAC dealership forever

If you haven’t heard, working at the local Heating and Air Conditioning dealership for a long.

Of time is a pretty cool job.

To be clear, I am not 1 of the certified heating & A/C system specialists that routinely go out on the jobs for the heating & A/C system repair and upgrade broken down HVAC systems. I am the main accounting guy at the heating & A/C system dealership down the street from. Yesterday the people I was with and I had a major change in the order of the management of the location. Both of us suddenly ended up with a new bossWithout much notice! Our modern boss was moving away out of state abruptly with his family for another job choice that he took in order to be near his family. The director of the heating & A/C system dealership hired an entirely new person from the outside to run the location where I work. Of course, we are extremely nervous that this unknown person would be a terrible boss for all of the HVAC technicians and myself. I have to tell you, our new boss is a really nice guy! He Absolutely is not like the proper bosses you get at most jobs. Our outdated boss who is leaving at the local heating & A/C system company was not your typical boss either. He too was a really nice and laid back guy… except he was kind of like the type of co-worker you would have in an office cubicle. This new boss is actually just like 1 of the Heating and Air Conditioning workers which makes everyone very happy! He jokes around and has fun with all of us at the heating & A/C system business everyday. I really like now working here and will never leave this job until I absolutely have to!



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