If only I could have more a/c

Being pregnant is supposed to be this sweet, wonderful thing, and a lot of people say that I am just glowing.

I will tell you the truth however.

I am not glowing, I am dripping with sweat all the time. Something about my pregnancy has just made me feel like I am a walking heating system. My spouse no longer wants to lay next to me on the couch. The heat coming off of me is insane. If both of us were in the winter season, being on the warmer side would be nice. It would be great to enjoy a winter season a little hot for once. Of course, it is the summer. I wear short dresses and I am always near A/C. I was never a fan of ac systems until I was pregnant. Now everything is around AC. I will only go to places to eat that have A/C. I will only see a film if I think the AC equipment is operating at full speed ahead. I don’t want to leave the lake house though. My spouse updated our cooling device. I went from window AC in the bedroom to central A/C throughout the whole house. I just adore that I have quality AC now. I can go in any room of the lake house and decrease the temperature control as much as I want. Everyone complains that I am freeze them out of the house. I only have 5 more weeks to go. They think they are suffering. I am the one who is legitimately upset here. I need AC in order to not have wet panties and wet hair.
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