If it keeps raining, I’m worried about losing the power

Normally, I love the rain because it makes the earth smell good and the air smells fresh and clean.

It had been raining for almost three weeks and now they were calling for a Tropical Depression which meant there would be a lot more rain. My HVAC system is running fine, but the humidity is getting so bad that I am afraid my house is going to start to smell of mold and mildew. The air conditioner is no longer taking the humidity out of the air. I decided to go to the store on my way home and purchase a dehumidifier. The only problem with the humidifier is that I have to continually take the water tub out. The man at the store told me I should be able to hook a hose up to the humidifier and the water goes into the sink. I thought that was a great idea. With twenty-four hours, the house was feeling much better and cooler. Now, with the new rain coming in, our sump pump isn’t working properly. It worries me that if the sump pump doesn’t work, I could get flooding in my basement. The flooding could kill my HVAC system and then I don’t have anything. All I need is for the power to go off because my generator went out during one of the storms a week ago. Without power, I wouldn’t have the sump pump, and then my HVAC equipment would be ruined and next would be the humidity in the house building. My home and everything in it would be ruined.

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