If I am going to a hotel, it better have perfect air conditioning.

My friends and I had been planning our vacation getaway for almost a year.

We had booked a luxury beach house that was right by the ocean.

It had a private walkway to the beach and all of the local shopping areas was within walking distance. We were so excited that summer had finally arrived and we would soon be going. We were about a week away from our getaway when I got a phone call from the rental company we had got the beach house from. They told me that something had happened to the air conditioning during the last storm and they were going to need to replace it. She told me we couldn’t get into the beach house for two more days, but they were willing to extend our stay through the second weekend. They also offered to get a hotel for us during the two nights that we were without the beach house. I told my friends about the problem and they all agreed to go to the hotel. I knew we were going to have excellent air conditioning at the beach house and I wanted to make sure we would also have excellent air conditioning at the hotel. I didn’t want to settle for less. I knew it was probably short notice as it was, but I was not going to give up my comfort for anything less than perfect air conditioning. They thought I was kidding until I picked up the phone to call and inquire about their air conditioning.

a/c set up