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I’ve been selling homes for a long time. The basics of the job have never changed. I show homes to people looking to buy a locale to live their lives and like their family and friends, how I do my job has changed quite a bit over the years. I used to toil with buyers for weeks or even weeks at a time. I’d start by showing them houses for a few weeks. We’d put an offer in on 1 and get to the closing. Now, so much of my toil is done through websites with virtual tours. I spend far more time with customers figuring out how they can afford a home. A lot of people need to go the fixer upper route to get their dream house. I suggest making renovations that lower the cost of carrying a home, then for instance, furnace replacement can be a major expense but the right furnace can lower your daily operating costs. I find customers like the plan of an electric furnace because they are all you need for heating and cooling a home. But they can send electric bills through the roof, especially when air conditioner is run morning and evening in the warmer weeks. A gas furnace is often the less luxurious option when considering daily utility costs, but gas furnaces provide powerful heating at a much lower rate. Gas furnaces also toil well with an air conditioner system and a heat pump to provide year-round heating and cooling. Many of my customers get upset about buying a lake apartment and then spending more money on a current furnace for it. But when I point out the savings a current furnace can provide them on their heating and cooling costs, they get more comfortable with the idea.

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