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I live in a rather small apartment.  This would bother a ton of people, however it is the perfect size for me.  I can store most of my things under the bed or in my massive closet. I have a tiny residing section & bedroom.  The most vital thing, however, is it fits my bed perfectly. Otherwise, I am easily alright with the size. The beautiful aura of the current dwelling is the best part.  Additionally, the current dwelling came with beautiful current appliances. The best appliances I have are my washer & dryer as well as my HVAC system. Not many people in our city are lucky enough to have a washer & dryer inside their current dwelling unit, so I guess I am extremely fortunate.  Being that my current dwelling is so small, the dryer heats up the dwelling rather hastily. Immediately after turning it on, I have to turn the cooling appliance on as well. The dryer causes so much heated air to get trapped inside of the small apartment. The current dwelling wasn’t built with very good ventilation.  This lack of ventilation actually makes me totally uncomfortable. I try to do my laundry strategically so that I do not have to deal with the heating that comes from using the dryer. I try to turn the dryer on when I am leaving the dwelling for my task or to run errands. If I have to use the dryer when I am at my dwelling, I make sure to open all of the windows.  I also try to turn on the cooling appliance if it is not the middle of the Winter time season. This is a luxury to have & makes things especially convenient for me, however it can be a bit uncomfortable quite often.

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