I’d like an exterminator

Every year during the Spring, everyone in my family works together to complete our spring cleaning list of chores. Most of these include things like cleaning the heating in addition to AC system, cleaning the ductwork, as well as cleaning the airlines. We also scrub the floors, the baseboards, as well as the ceiling. There’s not much we don’t do during the Spring Break. This past year, my hubby was working on cleaning out the gutters. They were filled with a lot of storm debris from rainstorms we had during the Spring. We were cleaning a lot of stuff, when I heard him let out a serious stream. Everyone in our family came running right away, and just in time to see him plop down from the ladder in addition to start yelling. My husband saw a nest of wasps, bees, in addition to Yellow Jackets up by the gutter in addition to started to freak out. He immediately claimed on from the ladder in addition to told me to call an exterminator. I knew an exterminator would be very expensive, but my husband is allergic to wasps as well as hornets, and we didn’t know what kind of bees were up in the gutter. It made the most amount of sense for us to contact an exterminator + let them deal with the problem instead of us. Our spring cleaning day turned into a fiasco of waiting around for the Exterminator crew to do their job. At least we know that all of the bees will be gone for the summer.

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