I would never hire that HVAC company again

I am definitely never going to hire that HVAC company again. After what the HVAC technician that was at my house did, I don’t think that I would ever be able to hire the HVAC company again and feel good about it. Technically, I should not have been eavesdropping while the HVAC technician was on the phone with another HVAC technician. However, I figured that if the HVAC technician wanted to keep his telephone conversation secret, he wouldn’t have taken a phone call while in the middle of my house working on my furnace. The HVAC technician was on the phone complaining about the owner of the HVAC company, which isn’t unusual. Everyone complains about their boss, and I didn’t think that this HVAC technician would be an exception to the rule. However, when he started discussing why the owner of the HVAC company was a jerk, I got worried. Apparently, the owner of the HVAC company hadn’t been paying his HVAC technician, but it wasn’t money that the HVAC technicians wanted. Apparently, the HVAC company also gave their HVAC technicians drugs if they wanted them. Sure, it was just weed, but I don’t think that this can count as good business practice. Knowing that the HVAC technician that was working on my furnace was on weed didn’t make me feel better about the entire situation, and I knew that he could probably still fix my furnace. After I paid the HVAC technician, I decided that I wouldn’t say anything about it. I just found a new HVAC company and began hiring its HVAC technicians.

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