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My wife and I reside near the Arctic tundra, where cold weather temperatures are a challenge throughout the entire year. While most other people endure a winter season that is 12 weeks long, our family easily indoors several long months of less than wonderful weather. Our dilapidated Victorian Cottage is constantly having problems. A securely sealed up-to-date Victorian Cottage will minimize the energy consumption and eliminate the ventilation. There is rarely a distinct time when one of us can ease the window open and have a fresh Breeze. Our air quality is contaminated and easily a threat to the comfort of our family. Improved indoor air quality will absolutely help, so we invested our money in a ventilation system. The ventilator is easily installed in our heating and AC equipment, so that it works along with our equipment when it is running. There are many benefits to having this type of ventilation system, because it is much like opening a large window without any of the bug disadvantages. Our weekly cost of combating humidity during the summer, are going to be much lower than they ever have been. The ventilator helps to create a healthier and cleaner home environment, which will easily help our family breathe easier. The extra money we spend on the ventilation system, will be helpful to make our indoor air quality so much better. My wife and I spent money to get the ventilation system installed, but we are more than hopeful that we will be able to reclaim those dollars at the end of the month on our electric utility bill.

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