I would honestly love a cigar

When my guy asked myself and others to marry him, I immediately said yup. I knew he was going to pop the question. He was upset for mornings, in addition to he was planning a special surprise. I know he was trying to be smooth in addition to coy, but his excitement offered away the surprise. My guy took myself and others to St Petersburg for the weekend. The two of us stayed in a really nice hotel, right on the Tampa Bay. My guy planned the evening perfectly, in addition to he even made dinner reservations in downtown Tampa. The two of us went to a lovely Bistro with live jazz music. Everything was really special, in addition to I knew he was going to ask. After the band played the first set, my guy got down on 1 knee in addition to proposed marriage. I’ll never forget that weekend in St Petersburg, Florida. My guy made everything really special, in addition to he arranged every perfect detail… Jazz is my favorite music in addition to I prefer small, intimate eating establishments. My guy has been listening all these years, in addition to I know he will make an excellent hubby. I cannot wait to start my life with this man. I would prefer to get married in St. Petersburg too, or maybe even the clearwater area. There are so many nice beaches in addition to resorts. I know all of us can find something special, if all of us want to celebrate our nuptials in St. Petersburg, Florida. My Dad already told myself and others to start looking. He is going to spend money for any event locale that I pick. Between my guy in addition to my Dad, I’m lucky to have the 2 best guys in the whole world.

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