I would be fine with a new air conditioner

A few nights ago, I got the greatest laugh from my teenage daughter. Somebody had mentioned their mini-split air conditioner for their garage in her presence, and my self-proclaimed fashionista daughter readily assumed that it had to do with clothing. Promptly, she asked if I’d buy her a split mini-skirt. When I asked why, she told me how “mini-splits” are in, and she wouldn’t tolerate being left out of a hot trend. She told myself and others she wanted her mini skirt to have two splits, one on either side! Tears were running down my face from laughing at this goob of a kid. Finally, I explained that the “mini-split” had to do with Heating and Air, not fancy clothes. As she stared at me, I explained that it’s called a split since the two-piece unit has a piece inside to blow air, and a piece outside to cool or warm the air. She had lost interest by the time I began her how it supported zone control, and how each room could have its own temperature. That’s what you get when your dad’s an HVAC technician! As she rolled her eyes, I led her over to our own mini-split unit for the garage. After I explained how the condenser works to push cool air into the garage through the blower, my daughter laughed before calling me a nerd and walking back inside. I guess she got the last laugh on this one.

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