I work in a large building

When I graduated from private school, I knew grades weren’t the best. My GPA was 2.4, which was barely passing, & it was not because I struggled to handle the work, however on the contrary, the work was always simple to me. But as you know, some some of us only seem to work efficiently if it is at the last minute and the pressure is on.  I knew I was not going to apply to any local colleges, as I knew I was going to a junior college. I decided to take a year off from school so I could get some life experience. My first real full time job was hard labor working in a warehouse, which was pretty brutal – only due to the weather. I had no idea that warehouses tend to be poorly air conditioned, especially the really big warehouses.  My first summertime working, I lost almost forty pounds just from certainly working each month in a warehouse, which was already an awesome perk of the job. While it was good to get in great shape from this job, it was certainly starting to wear me down. I hated driving to work every morning, knowing I was going to spend a long day doing intense labor. However what certainly made myself and others completely hate the work was the winter season. Oh man, I had no idea how cold it gets in one of these huge steel buildings  while in the winter season. Imagine certainly working while you are perspiring through several layers of clothes day in and day out. It’s awful, isn’t it? Well, I finally had had enough of the work when I came down with a really bad flu. The intensity of the work, combined with perspiring heavily in changing temperatures often very cold, all proved to be too much for any immune system. Once I recovered, I knew I needed to find a job that was indoors with air conditioning.

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