I wonder what is happening here

I’m waiting for the day this week when I see someone with a t-shirt that says “I survived the New Britain heatwave of 2018.” Normally, I’m not one to complain about the heat. I adapt. I wear loose clothes. I method our day around the heights of the heat so I can get things done & not melt. But this Summer was one of the worst on record, though I’m not sure it will even make records. While the two of us didn’t have a day over 102, the two of us had over multiple weeks of temperatures above 90 degrees. I get that this is normal in most parts of the country, however this far north people are not equipped for it. Most homes up here don’t have central air conditioning. This is because our summers usually only have one week of those hellish temps, & then its back down to the 79s. A week of 90 degrees or higher is just enough to make people consider getting central air conditioning, only to have it end & folks decide its not worth the money. Our winters are so long here that Summer is usually a blessing, no matter how severe. But this year people were scrambling to go out & get even a window air conditioning unit. The ductless mini cut models were gone by week several, sold out everywhere. But now that’s the middle of August, we’ve had enough nights of cool rain to put the temperature back down to 74, and now that no one needs them, apartment improvement stores are slashing the prices on multi cut ductless A/C units. I don’t want one, however I guess our sibling does. I told him if there was ever a time to get an air conditioner, this is it. Next year could be worse.

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