I wonder how this works

The basement in our modern home has always been excessively damp.  We’ve tried digging drainage lines around the exterior perimeter of the home.  The people I was with and I invested a fortune into various types of sump pumps.  Nothing seemed to work, and mold and musty smells were a constant problem. I didn’t dare store anything in the basement, and the abundance of moisture continued to impact the lifespan and reliability of  the water tank, washer, dryer, and heating equipment. The odor and moisture infiltrated the modern home through the heating and cooling vents, causing condensation on windows, bacterial growth and greater demand on the a/c.  I finally did some research into dehumidifiers and found that portable units are not overly extravagant. I was able to go online, order a dehumidifier and have it delivered right to our doorstep. The component was not heavy or cumbersome, and was genuinely easy to set up.  Because of the damp basement floor, I placed the dehumidifier up on blocks to protect it. I removed the packaging, jammed it in and hit the power button, however the dehumidifier is exceptionally quiet and allows myself and others to customize the level of humidity. It offers the option between collecting water in a reservoir or attaching a hose for continual flow into a drain in the basement floor.   Within a few hours, I noticed a difference in the basement. After running the dehumidifier for a couple of weeks, the basement is now totally dry, and I have far less troubles with bugs, odors and mildew in the house. This small component has genuinely improved indoor air quality, cleanliness and comfort.

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