I wish the younger people would heed my advice

I recognize that I’ve l gained a lot of knowledge in my 73 years of life… I have honestly been around the Sun enough times to suppose a thing or 2 about basic life skills.

I have been a dedicated homeowner, father, as well as workmen for 50 years now! As such, you would think that the younger generation might take my advice into consideration from time to time.

It honestly is not so difficult for me to suppose that someone older would have more experience as well as insight. However, my ladies honestly do not agree with this idea. In fact, they do everything they can to disregard what I tell them; for instance, my oldest child absolutely refuses to suppose that his central heating, cooling, as well as air quality control system could be now working better. I keep trying to tell him that a professional heating, ventilation and A/C maintenance or diagnostic appointment might do him some good. For as long as I can remember, he has been telling me that his indoor air temperature as well as air quality has been suffering. He thinks that his utility bills are way too high. I keep telling him that the reason is his dirty, old, tiny central heating as well as cooling system. If he updated the a/c device as well as gas furnace to a more new as well as energy-efficient style, he would honestly benefit. He doesn’t think that his central heating as well as cooling system is too small for his new home however I suppose that to be a fact, then no matter what I tried to tell him or what heating as well as cooling articles I sent to his text, my child ignores every word. I suppose we’ll see what happens when wintertime rolls around and his gas furnace doesn’t keep the new home warm.
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