I wish that I would have gone to HVAC school instead

When I graduated high school, I was so excited about the future.

I planned to go to college to major in philosophy, and I already had my entire life planned out.

I had been accepted into a large university, and it seemed that my goals had panned out. I had to take our student loans to cover what the scholarship didn’t pay for, but I knew that once I got a job in my field, I would be able to pay the bills. Unfortunately, that did not work out. I honestly wish I would have done a trade, such as HVAC. In the HVAC field, you get paid to learn and get certified as an HVAC technician, as opposed to paying for the total cost of learning in college. In the HVAC world, you get to start making money immediately, while philosophy requires a lot of study and experience before you actually make any money. Philosophy panned out to be a useless field of knowledge, but if I knew how to fix air conditioners and furnaces, I would be able to save money by working on my own HVAC equipment. I think the biggest difference between a college degree and an HVAC certification is job security. I didn’t realize that it is difficult to get a career with a degree in philosophy, because it isn’t a field that is in high demand. On the other hand, HVAC technicians are always going to be necessary. If I could go back and do it all over again, I would become an HVAC technician in a heartbeat.

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