I wish that I had a boiler

When I owned a boiler in my last house, I did not have this problem

I really wish that I had a boiler, but I don’t. I have a stupid furnace, and I hate it. In my opinion, I think that boilers are so much better than furnaces. I can understand why some people do not like boilers. For one thing, boilers are definitely not the most efficient heating system if you live in a very cold environment. Boilers work very well if the temperatures during that winter aren’t very cold, but as soon as the temperatures outside become extremely cold, the boiler can become very expensive to own. Thankfully, I live closer to the South, so I don’t really have to worry about the efficiency of the boiler. Furthermore, some people do not like the radiators on the boiler. Sure, they are often small, but they are definitely more noticeable than a small vent on the floor. However, that is a small price to pay for proper heating. There is a reason that I hate the furnace. Despite the low cost and the appearance of a boiler, a boiler wouldn’t make the air in my house feel as dry as bones. I have a furnace in my house, and the furnace in my house causes the air to feel dry. The air is so dry in my house that my hands and lips bleed. I use lotion and balm, but there is nothing that protects me from my furnace. When I owned a boiler in my last house, I did not have this problem. The boiler runs off the water, so you did not have to worry about the air getting dry. However, you cannot just replace your furnace with a boiler, so I won’t be able to own a boiler unless I move or completely gut my house.

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