I Will Maintain Control of at Least the HVAC in My Home

Do you ever feel like an sense of control in this world is really just an illusion? I have that distinct feeling for sure.

Actually, it is hard to even recognize the country I thought I knew.

There is so much distrust, hate and anger. It’s as though it has come to be a free for all of snagging as much as you can with no regard for the other guy. That just doesn’t seem like the country I was born into and taught to respect. I can remember working for companies who actually considered me and my family in their strategic thinking. I have no such illusion now. The most I appear to be able to control now is the thermostat in my home. There have been so many cuts to our household budget in an effort to stay nimble and be able to ride out the economic wasteland of the last 10 years. We have been hit hard where I live. There is no more manufacturing or decent blue collar work. I had been clinging to a managerial job for years. But, that ended about a year ago when I was unceremoniously let go because of restructuring. It just boggles the mind. And forget about asking the government for help. I have only paid into the system for 35 years so you’d think there’d be some level of assistance. But no help with health care or anything else for that matter. We are doing the best we can but it is just so bleak. At least I can still be relatively cool in my home during the summer. When is that getting taken away?