I will be there soon

When I went with a friend the other month to the library to study, the library experienced a malfunction with the climate control system. The air quality became awful, and it was just not comfortable at all in the library. My friend said he really didn’t want to go back to that library again after that. I told him that they were definitely going to fix the HVAC system, because it was essential for the sake of keeping the books in great condition. My buddy seemed to think that because of this bad experience, he was always going to have a bad experience if he went back to that particular library. I have frequented this library for a long while and I’ve never experienced that before. Of course, I wouldn’t let a bad experience like that stop me from going back. I really enjoyed that library. So when I asked my friend recently if he wanted to go with me to the library, he said there was no way he would go back and experience some poor air quality. So I went by myself, and it was actually really nice. I talked to the librarian in there and she told me that they actually upgraded the HVAC system to something really nice and energy-efficient. I told my buddy later he was missing out. When I told him that the library actually upgraded their HVAC system, he said he would come with me next time. I was definitely looking forward to it because I wanted him to see that this library was a great place to go.

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