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It’s been rather frigid in the basement over the past few months. I would simply fight it with extra layers of clothing to make sure that I stayed perfectly comfortable despite the cold uneven temperatures! When my husband finally decided to spend time down here he was continuously whining about how frigid it was! He finally asked why I didn’t have the oil furnace down here. I asked “we have an oil heater?” I replied that we definitely have one. So both of us went upstairs to get the oil furnace so we could hook it up. Within 10 minutes the oil furnace was really working to warm up this chilly basement that I never realized was a major issue! Or at least it became an issue when my husband was forced to deal with the frigid temperatures. It was either this or perhaps a tiny area oil furnace that I had tucked away sometime last year, but I recognize the oil furnace is far safer in addition to a great deal more energy efficient.

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