I went through the whole winter

I’m pretty good about getting by in the winters. I work from home, so I’m grateful I don’t need to go out into the world too often and deal with the ice and snow first hand. However, this also means I don’t get to go out and to an office which is kept warm by an industrial strength HVAC system. Instead, I have to keep my office warm through my own household HVAC system. This also means that unlike that office building, I don’t have a boss who pays for it. The cost of keeping me warm while I work comes from my own pocket, and can be very expensive when it gets bitterly cold, temperatures dropping well below zero degrees. Most of me stays pretty warm; I can wear a sweater and I have fleece poncho of sorts that is basically a blanket with armholes that I can work in. This keeps from having to crank up the household central heating too too high. I always feel silly turning the heat up on the whole house when it’s just me home working while the kids are at school and my partner is at work. However, my feet get painfully cold no matter how thick the socks I put on them are. But I didn’t want to buy a whole space heater just for this purpose. Instead, I purchased a little electric foot warmer. This device is similar to an electric blanket, but it makes a little pocket for your feet instead. It’s incredibly soft, and can get downright sizzling if you turn it up high enough. With this, I am always comfortable throughout the work day.

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