I wasted more time than I should

This guy doesn’t like traveling. In fact, this guy would much rather stay in his house all day long, then travel even 20 minutes. Even though I don’t prefer traveling much at all, the people I was with an addition to myself decided to recently embark on a tourist holiday. My wife in addition to myself were excited to go to a foreign land, because we certainly had planned out every single stop we would make. In addition to viewing all of the wonderful ruins, my wife was also going to have numerous Dental surgeries performed while we were in the land. The people I was with an addition to myself heard about a doctor in this country that could perform the surgery at a quarter of the price. Everything was set up ahead of time, so the people I was with an addition to myself wouldn’t have to worry about a thing. Unfortunately, our accommodations were less than ideal. We certainly didn’t anticipate having to be without an A/C device, with the heat outside in the 85 degree range. The people in addition to myself did not realize our cabin would not be equipped with an A/C device. We certainly should have called ahead and asked about the A/C device, before making the necessary arrangements. The surgery seemed to go very well, in addition to the fact that my wife was certainly happy with the results. As soon as she was well enough, we headed back home where she could relax in our own home with the central heating and addition to A/C device.

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