I was very interested

When I graduated  college, I had more than just a diploma in my hand.  Josh put a ring in my hand as I walked by him. I don’t know if I was crying or laughing.  I just know that when they called my name, I yelled yes. The professor just stared at me until I opened my hand and showed him the diamond.  He gave me a hug and said congratulations for both. When graduation was over, I ran to my parents and gave them hugs. Dad said he wanted to see and I showed him the diploma.  He told me he wanted to see the other thing. It seemed that everyone knew about the ring, but me. My dad was joking that now he had a HVAC tech in the family. I don’t know if you could call Josh a HVAC tech, but he was sure was on his way to being a HVAC designer.  His air conditioning design had won him honors when he graduated, but they were still working the bugs out of the design. He thinks they will have to scrap his original air conditioning design and start working from the beginning. The concept for an air conditioner that didn’t need electricity, was good, but it needed a lot of work to be usable in more than a small individual unit.  I know that someday he will have a great name in the HVAC business. We have the rest of our lives for it to be a household name. In the meantime, dad is right, they do have a HVAC technician in the family.

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