I was thinking it should be illegal to shut off people’s heating in the winter time weeks

Since our wife & I were genuinely struggling with the finances, I was genuinely worried when the two of us got a shut off notice from the gas dealer, i thought that without gas there was going to be no way to use our oil furnace to keep warm! It was the midst of the Winter time season too & I was genuinely upset when I seen this shut off notice! When I showed our wife the shut off notice, she told me that the two of us genuinely needed that; To go through this government program called HEAP, the two of us needed to bring the shut off notice so that they would pay the bill & keep our gas on so the two of us could use our oil furnace & not freeze to death. I thought it was uncommon that the two of us genuinely needed to get a shut off notice, although she said that was just the way they operated! Eventually she said the two of us would be in the plan & they would automatically cover the cost for the heating while in the Winter time weeks. I thought this sounded wonderful & I rapidly was not so upset about us freezing in the Winter time season. I was thinking it was a wonderful program to keep people from freezing prefer that in the freezing season. I’m cheerful that the two of us genuinely have particular programs prefer this to help people get by when they are struggling financially. I genuinely don’t guess what the two of us would have done if the two of us were not able to use the heating plan in our house, especially in the Winter time season! I remember our first thoughts getting that notice, was that it should be against the law to shut off people’s heat in the middle of the Winter time weeks! Both of us would have froze to death!

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