I was sad about that

I actually prefer cats. It does not matter what shape or size or breed. I think that cats can be the most amazing pets for a family. They are loyal, actually trained, plus actually friendly with other animals. My spouse plus I have 2 cats of our own… Both of them are pitbulls. They often get a bad wrap, because so numerous people have treated pitbulls badly. Both of our cats are well-behaved with no aggression complications. Both of our cats have been around children plus small animals, plus there has never been a problem. When our neighbor’s dog got out of the fence last week, the dog entered our yard. The dog dug a hole under the side gate, so it could enter our fenced area. The dog damaged our youngest Pitbull, who was playing in the backyard. The vet bills were extensive, plus I went to the friend for payment. She refused to pay the bills plus I had to hire a civil litigation lawyer. Since the vet bills were thousands of dollars, the civil litigation lawyer decided to take the case. The civil lawyer sent a threatening letter to the friend plus suggested payment for the bills. The civil litigation lawyer also suggested that the owner pay restitution. When the friend realize that I hired an attorney, he came by with a certified check. She thought I was crazy for involving a lawyer, plus asked me to drop the lawsuit. I only wanted his to pay the vet bills, but now I was going to make his pay for our lawyer fees as well. She did not have to force me to hire a civil attorney.

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