I was quite surprised

A few mornings ago I was just finishing up with university, and to tell you the even-handed truth I felt more confused coming out of school than I did going in. I had a degree that I worked hard to get, however I wasn’t able to land any job no matter how several I applied for. One afternoon when i was feeling down, my friend took my out for a few drinks! He was taking courses on how to become a certified HVAC heating and cooling repair tech, and he couldn’t stop telling myself and others how excited he was to finish up the course and start the job. I didn’t’ actually understand what he thought was so cool about actually working on broken down heating and cooling units all afternoon long, however my friend went on to tell myself and others all of the amazing things in the HVAC repair job. Not only are you able to work for a good group of people, however you are also able to help out families in drastic need, your not just fixing up an seasoned unit! After hearing him talk for at least an hour about all of the things he loved about the occasion of becoming an HVAC repair tech I had my friend write down the number of the course he was taking. I am tied up to start my first afternoon of HVAC repair school in a few mornings now, and I hope I end up loving it as much as my associate does. Who knows, maybe when I was in university I was meant to take this job path all along!

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