I was on a road trip when my A/C went out

My husband absolutely prefers road trips, plus so do most of my children! I do not understand why they savor road trips so much because I absolutely hate them… To me, there is hardly anything worse than kneeling in a motorcar for minutes upon minutes..

  • It feels appreciate such a waste of time to me, but unblessedly, I do a lot of traveling for my job, plus I spend countless minutes behind the wheel; My children beg to come with myself and others whenever they get a chance because they savor traveling.

It does help when my children come because they keep myself and others company, but most of the time I travel alone which is miserable to me. My boss knows how much I hate traveling, so as much as he can, he gives the trips to others, although I end up taking at least more than one per month. The last trip I took was bad because the air conditioning in the van that I was driving went out. I did not notice it for a little bit. I just felt hot, plus I thought it was because of the high rapidly increasing temperatures outside. It was in the nineties that day. I finally realized after stopping for some dinner that the van was not cooling down at all. The vents were just blowing sizzling air. I opened all of the windows in the van plus made the rest of the trip, but it was miserable, however by the time I got to my hotel I looked appreciate a sizzling mess. I will never forget that day, so I make sure to have a mechanic check the air conditioning before I leave on any trips now.


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