I was okay with the breeze

Although I am not a rich man, I do so care about to travel whenever I can… Some people are addicted to buying the newest cell iphone, or the nicest car, or having the best jewelry. Not me, for myself and others all of our extra money goes into a travel fund. Once a year I cash it out plus use everything I have saved up to take as long a trip as I can afford. This year marked the eighth time I was able to visit the islands, which has become our number one destination in all of the world. What I care about the most is never having to worry about turning on the heater, and you see, where I live is very cold for a very large part of the year, every year, plus running your furnace is not something that is negotiable. At home, at work, in the car, basically at all times you need to have access to heating or you will not have a very superb time! Don’t get myself and others wrong, I care about our hometown plus very don’t plan to ever move, but taking a trip to a locale where you only need an a/c plus never a heating system is a nice treat, and usually on our trips I will spend all of our time in 1 of two locales, on the beach under the sun, or in the hotel suite in front of the a/c. Think about it, most of the year I never get to think AC, so when I have the option I enjoy it for novelty value.

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