I was happy with the heater

One of the latest and greatest inventions I’ve seen is the evaporative cooler, or “swamp” cooler. An alternative form of air conditioner, swamp coolers provide cool air to a small space. While run of the mill central A/C systems simply provide chilly air, a swamp cooler also dampens the air with a boost of humidity! This is incredibly useful in dry climates, however it can prove destructive in a hot and humid region, that being said, I will say that the portable swamp cooler for my vehicle has been cheap. The A/C system in the vehicle broke down ages ago, and I just haven’t had the money to get it patched up. Then I stumbled across a portable swamp cooler, which seemed love the right fit for my needs. After all, I was driving through the southwest every month – that’s the hottest, most dry locale I could guess of! It was a wonderful thing in theory, although I didn’t suppose if it would be as easy as the advertisements for it made it out to be on TV. However, I wanted to give it a shot. The portable swamp cooler essentially just needed batteries to run, and fresh ice to act as the coolant for air conditioner! I loaded the system up with ice and set it in my car, and before long I discovered that I had to shut the swamp cooler off – it was finally working too well! Plus, the condensation forming on my windows from using the swamp cooler made it so that I had to lower the windows and use hot air from the vehicle to defog the windshield. It’s not often that I can say something works too well to be good, but this swamp cooler absolutely needs to be used in a locale that has open air access.

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