I was going to heat our room up

I just got over having one of those 48-hour bugs and let me tell you all about how terrible it is to have one of those. I started feeling a bit off the other day but didn’t really think that much of it. I got through work and by the time I got home I felt completely exhausted. I am not used to feeling that way after work so I knew something was wrong. I managed to eat some soup for dinner and shortly after that I passed out. When I awoke I was shivering cold yet sweating at the same time, dizzy, nauseous, and hardly able to think. I kept alternating between turning on the air conditioner and furnace because of the temperature shifts I was experiencing internally. Luckily, I have a remote control for my thermostat so I could turn on the air conditioner and furnace from the comfort of my bed. Though I would not say that I was very comfortable at the time to be fair. I remained like that for probably about twelve hours until my fever broke. My bed was covered in a pool of sweat and I felt gross all over. Once the fever broke everything started to return to normal. Shortly after my internal temperature stabilized and I was able to turn off both the air conditioner and furnace; Again, I am so happy I got that remote control for the thermostat. I finally leveled out and my hunger returned with a vengeance. Those hard-hitting viruses are no joke and can really put you out of commission.

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