I was going to get a modern boiler

I am an explorer. My favorite thing is camping and going out into the wilderness. I know sometimes the weather is bad, but I totally don’t mind dealing with mother nature. It feels good getting out of the house, and seeing this big world. Sometimes I bring companions along, and we always have an awesome time. I know we live in a modern world these days, but I would recommend to anybody, that if they can spare the time, to go out and camp. You obviously need to learn to prepare if you don’t have any experience. After all, it can be very dangerous if you do not have what you need to stay warm when it gets cold. You absolutely need a reliable space heater for sure. You could also build a campfire but, if the weather outside is rainy or snowy, then you have little choice but to bring a space heater. When considering your space heater, be sure to have the right size. This will ensure that it is providing the necessary heat to your tent. If it is too small, there is a possibility you will run the risk of burning down your tent. So, it’s important to get a space heater which can shut-off on its own, if it is overheating. It is true that extreme weather can throw a lot of curveballs at you, however, that is part of the joy of the process. If making a campfire for my campsite is not really an option, I surely have the right equipment to stay warm otherwise, because I have my reliable space heater.