I was glad I did the air duct cleaning

The other day I took my kids out to eat at a restaurant. We are in the middle of the winter so it is really cold out there. Seriously, it is in the teens out there. Sometimes it even gets down into the single digits. We find ourselves having to adjust the thermostat to crank the heating system on a regular basis. Sometimes it gets so frosty in the house, I find myself raising the temperature control settings by a few degrees just to get the heating system to engage again. Well, when we went to the restaurant, we were actually having a pretty nice time at first. Then there was some bizarre noise and abruptly the heating system quit working. With all the people coming and going from the restaurant, the cold air kept coming inside and the hot air was leaving. It became so freezing in the restaurant in a short amount of time. We ended up having to put our coats back on just to keep warm. We actually already ordered our food so we had to wait. I didn’t want to just leave and not get our food because all of us were really hungry. When the food finally arrived, I asked the waiter if we could just get our food to go because it was so chilly in the restaurant. He apologized for the climate control system breaking down and said they called an HVAC company to fix it. He actually gave us 50% off our meal because of this unfortunate situation. When we got home, we enjoyed our food and cranked up the heating system.

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