I was getting very tired

I’ve been suffering from migraines since I was just a child. However, when I was young, I would get them rarely, less than a couple times a year. But as I got older they worsened. In my 20s, I was only getting them maybe once a month or so. Today, though, I get them three times a week usually. The worst is when I have a migraine, and the vertigo kicks in all of a sudden, causing me to overheat and feel nauseated unless I can cool off with central a/c. Fortunately I feel I’ve finally solved my migraine problem. You see, for a year, I worked a retail job while I took some time off to finish my degree and just try something different. During that year, my migraines spiked to the rate I experience them now, and the only change has been to my lights. I even evaluated our HVAC ducts to be sure it wasn’t a problem due to mold growth. Both the store where I work and my home have soft blue light generating bulbs everywhere. I decided to wait until the energy efficient light bulbs went on sale and promptly stocked up. While I can’t change my workplace, I could at least adjust my home. The new light bulbs help my migraines fade faster, plus they save a lot of money! I chose to purchase Energy Star rated LED bulbs because even though they’re a little more fancy, you can actually see the difference on your utility bill. I’m looking forward to putting this savings to work for me in the summertime with our central a/c unit! Less money going toward running the lights means more money the two of us can put toward keeping our home cool with the a/c.

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