I was finally notified

I have always suffered from allergies, and as I’ve gotten older, my sensitivity has steadily worsened.  I am bothered by dust, dander, pollen, personal hygiene products, pesticides, and just about anything that floats in the air.  I’ve tried all sorts of medications and natural remedies with limited success. I’ve found that the most beneficial approach is targeting indoor air quality.  I keep the windows of the home closed all year round to prevent an influx of outdoor contaminants and actively filter the air. My home is equipped with a relatively new forced air gas furnace and central air conditioning system.  I hire a certified HVAC contractor to thoroughly clean and adjust the heating and cooling equipment every fall and spring. He makes sure there is no build up of debris, such as mold and dust, which could then be spread throughout the house and aggravate my allergies.  I make it a point to frequently replace the air filters, and I’ve also invested into an air purification system. The air purifier incorporated into the existing air handler and treats the air before it gets introduced into the home. It cleans the indoor air approximately eight times per hour, trapping and killing bacteria, viruses, pathogens and allergens, while also removing airborne particulate.  The air purifier impacts the health and cleanliness of the entire home, operates almost silently, and requires only yearly upkeep. Improving indoor air quality has made a huge difference in my health, ability to sleep at night, and productivity during the day. Plus, my home remains much cleaner and the heating and cooling system requires less maintenance.

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