I was doing everything I could

My family thinks I am obsessed with solar energy.  However, when I tell them how little I spend on my energy costs, they tend to take on a unusual view.  All of my outdoor lighting is solar powered plus I even bought small solar panels to supply myself and others energy while I am camping.  This enables myself and others the opportunity to travel to out of the way places on vacation plus never have to worry about lights or my root beer pot working.  There are some things that need to be altered in order to toil with solar power, but, if you have a bit of know how plus some basic tools, this is never a problem.  I have recently started looking into using a small solar farm on my property to power some, if not all, of my appliances there too. After all, the sun gives us free energy year round.  I live in the southwest where the two of us have abundant sun so there would rarely be a need to supplement with traditional fuel sources if I were able to convert everything over to solar power, even the well pump I use for water runs on electricity that could be generated freely by a small solar farm.  My biggest problem is my air conditioner. I know that I would either have to purchase a new 1 that was already designed to run on solar power to find someone who could retrofit my existing 1 to do that. I know it would be an expense, but, government programs plus tax deductions would help with that. Also, I would be improving the overall value of my lake house because it would be self adequate, energy wise. The condo would still be able to use official electric if needed however it would only be on a scarce chance I am sure.

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