I was a bit unsure

Since the moment of emergence, the hotel/castle produced completely made of ice in Sweden every year has turned into a fad in northern states. As an HVAC technician, one example of these ice hotels has fallen in my experience the last several years with the job where I have to heat the building simply without heating it. People are drawn to the exotic nature associated with the building made of ice but as it turns out they are not big upon freezing while they stay there. Obviously you can’t have anything that’s going to produce too much heat because you can’t have anything melt. It was no easy task to heat a location without heating it. The first years we just used electric blankets over the bed but this only helped while these folks sleeping. This year I came up with a genius solution. The first part involved creating a skeleton of the building with pipework. I was going to utilise the hydronic method, using refrigerant lines to cool the water running through the pipes. The water would be pumped through the pipes continuously so that it will provide structural integrity for the icework and keep it cooled. So this solves the difficulty of keeping the structure cool and stable. To warm the room I decided that the correct way would by use of a number of infrared space heaters. These heaters are connected to thermostats restricted to safe temperatures within the rooms. I also designed some thermal release vents incase the the temperatures within the rooms exceeded the prescribed environment. All of this design along with HVAC framework was very trial and error in these circumstances. It became a fantastic success and I made a name for myself during the process. Now ice castles all over the U. S. are using my framework. I never thought that I would acquire acclaim as an HVAC technician.

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