I wanted to find a safe alternative to the millions of medicines I was taking.

I have been taking so many drugs as of late.

The doctor gave myself and others pain medication that was making myself and others ill.

He gave myself and others something else for nausea, but that just made myself and others assume worse still. I was taking blood pressure pills plus I had to take a water pill. I could go on plus on about our meds, but I’m sure you would rather not listen to them all. I was talking to the person at the cannabis dispensary. He asked myself and others what I needed to achieve by using weird marijuana products. I didn’t assume what to tell him other than I wanted to get off some of those medications plus still assume well. He said to myself and others that marijuana was a section of holistic medications. I was feeling so ecstatic I had come to this cannabis dispensary. I asked him if there was a difference between cannabis plus marijuana. He said it was basically the same thing. They had pot stores, CBD stores, cannabis, marijuana, plus bud. They all referred back to the same thing. Now that they had legalized cannabis dispensaries, it made it easier for people to find current ways to take care of some of their physical pains plus other disabilities. I would have never considered going to a cannabis dispensary if I hadn’t been in that wicked automobile wreck. I’m not able to task because I get such sharp pains in our back plus shoulders. I had every bone in our leg broken. I’m lucky to be alive plus if going to a cannabis dispensary to get something to help myself and others move around, I don’t guess that’s an exhausting thing.


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