I wanted the comparison done

Even though cigarette smoking is the number 1 cause of lung cancer in our country, radon exposure is the hour largest cause that leads to lung cancer these nights. At least 10,000 deaths every year are caused by exposure to radon gas. If you suppose that your house may be in an section known for Radon gas, it’s simple to perform an active radon test. These testing kits can be bought from any Home Improvement or hardware store. The radon testing kits are overpriced plus simple-to-use. It’s best to choose a few testing kits, so you can locale them in odd areas throughout your home. When my fiance plus I were upset about radon in our home,so  both of us bought more than two radon testing kits from the Home Depot. The instruction were simple plus the setup was a breeze. All both of us did was set up the radon testing kits in a few areas around our home. Every one of us localed a radon testing kit in the basement, 1 in the study room, plus another in our Loft space. My fiance plus I waited 7 nights for the results. It was a nerve-wracking wait, however both of us were ecstatic with the end result. Thankfully, our house does not have high levels of radon. The levels of radon in our house barely registered on the detection kit. Even though my fiance plus I live in a highly prone area, I’m glad both of us don’t have to worry about radon right now. When this house was built, they certainly followed the respected procedures to ensure our health plus safety.

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