I wanted something a little better

I try to be a frugal and thrifty person as much as I can.  I like clipping coupons from locals newspapers in addition to online ads for grocery stores, I cook as much of my food from scratch as I can and I even ride my bike to and from work a few times a week to save a little on gas.  But my achilles heel, financially speaking, is my air conditioner use. My electricity bill has been going insane the past few months so I have tried to be extra mindful about only turning on lights when I need them and always remembering to leave wall outlets unplugged and making sure my appliances are turned off.  But regardless of my efforts, I just can’t handle living all day in my home at any temperature that’s above 76 degrees. This is easily doable most of the year when the weather is colder outside but, I can’t fathom getting my electric bill down at this time of the year no matter the temperature outside. But my brother says he gets by with just a window air conditioning system for his entire two bedroom single story cottage.  He claims it’s all he needs, aside from his fans and his “good windows,” as he calls them. My mother in law has the same setup–she lives in the same town and even in the same neighborhood and she’s also able to get by with just a window air conditioner in addition to her ceiling fans. My only guess is that every person is different and will always have their own needs when it comes to how they like to heat and cool where they live.  I’m thrifty as can be with everything else even if I’m over here spending more than I’d normally want on powering this air conditioner all of the time 24 hours a day. But at the end of it, the money I save on everything else allows me to be comfortable with my AC, so it’s more than worth it.

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