I want to save energy

My best friend moved in with me and she brought a dog. I think the dog is going to be the end of our friendship. I hate the dog so much for many reasons. He barks all night long, sheds hair and requires so much. It doesn’t help that my friend is the worst dog owner ever. She doesn’t walk him regularly, forgets to feed him but wants him to have luxury accomodations. The thing we argue about is leaving the HVAC on for the dog while we are at work. I don’t want my HVAC to be running just for a dog. My friend is all upset that her dog won’t be comfortable. Some dogs live outside basically all year. The dog has a freaking fur coat! In the winter I don’t feel the need to keep the thermostat set at 75 degrees because of the dog. I would like it on low heating mode just so the pipes don’t freeze. My friend thinks he is going to freeze to death. In the summer she wanted AC and thought he would faint without it. How ridiculous is that? The dog won’t notice the cooling system on or off. If we left him outside we would not think of it. Most animals don’t have temperature control and quality HVAC ever. Why is her dog so special? I begrudge leaving the HVAC on because I hate the dog and also the energy bills would be so high if I did. The HVAC needs to take a break at some point. The dog is always in the house. My HVAC won’t live another year if it works 24/7.

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