I want to retire

When I woke up, my alarm was blaring and I stumbled out of bed to shut it off. I was so tired and was not looking forward to going to work. I got in the shower and then got ready for work. Before I left, I checked the news to see how the weather was. It was going to be a blazing hot day evidently. I modified the thermostat so the A/C wouldn’t be working very hard while I was gone. I went to my car and was messing with the temperature control. I was disappointed when the A/C didn’t seem to be working. I just rolled down the windows some and went on my way because I was going to be late. It really was a hot day already and it was still the morning time. It must have been 80 degrees at least already. I kept messing around with the temperature control in the car and I was getting frustrated when no cooling air was flowing. I must have been a little groggy still because I didn’t get a good night’s rest. I wasn’t paying enough attention to the road and then when I looked back at the road I slammed on the brakes. It was too late as I slammed into the back of a car in some morning traffic. When I woke up, the first thing I was thinking was how nice the A/C felt and I was glad that I finally got the A/C working in my car. Then I realized that I was not driving, I was laying in a hospital bed. It took me a minute to focus my eyes and I seen that my wife was there. She explained that I was in a terrible car crash, but I was going to be alright according to the doctor.

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