I want to find a legal marijuana dispensary in our community.

Once I realized marijuana was now legal, I could wait to see a legal marijuana store crop up in this community. I heard a few of them were being created in the town that was near to us, but nothing seemed to be happening locally. I wasn’t sure if our community wasn’t allowing the marijuana stores to open their doors, or if not a single one of them was interested in opening a marijuana store. I kept hoping a single would open soon, but I kept hearing nothing. I had to go all the way to the town to get our marijuana. I wasn’t ecstatic needing to drive two hours to find a legal marijuana shop. I thought it was deranged that there wasn’t a single closer to where I lived. When I went into the shop, I was instantaneously calmed by the wonderful atmosphere. There was nice, calming music playing plus a pleasant face greeting me. I told her how I had been purchasing medicinal marijuana for our anxiety. Now that the people I was with and I had legal marijuana, I was hoping this would be simpler to obtain our marijuana plus cheaper if I came to an actual legal marijuana shop. She assured myself and others the people I was with and I would make the process easier. She was very nice and invited myself and others to sit down plus she gave myself and others a hot cup of Earl Grey tea. She explained what they gave plus if there was something special they didn’t have in stock, they could get it for me. The cost was a bit cheaper than what I had been paying. I was more than pleased with our experience in the marijuana store. I just wish there was a nice marijuana store nearer to where I live plus I didn’t need to drive two hours..


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