I want to add value

My husband and I have been on the prowl for a new home for three months, though it feels more like three years! We hadn’t realized that it’s such a tedious and arduous process, so we find trouble finding the fun in our situation. See, there’s only a few things that we really have to make sure is ours. Our value is inlaid with comfort over visuals, so the home we’re trying to find is going to be more functional than stylish. First and foremost, we need central heating and central air conditioning to make sure we can outlive the extreme weather of each season as it passes. Remaining comfortable in any weather conditions or temperature is what we seek more than a cool looking house. I suppose we do find out moment of fun when we speak to realtors  about the various appliances in a house we’d rather have. More important than the square footage, and even more important than the security! We’re joking of course, but when we explain how important central heating and air are critical to us being comfortable, they begin to understand where our interests are. Hopefully we’ll find a home within the next month or two – I’m getting so tired of spending every weekend looking at houses.

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