I want this to work

  As a single woman who happens to labor in the real estate industry, life seems to always maintain a high level of speed  without much of a chance for a stoppage let alone even somewhat of a sustained break… The incessant pace isn’t much of an issue for me, as long as I’m progressing and being productive with my time. Three weeks ago marked an important moment for me in terms of both efficiency plus progress.

               I was finally able to purchase my first home just prior to becoming an agent. My feeling of elation soon slaked off, when life brought me back into focus in the form of an excessively high light bill. Assuming it was likely due to something I neglected to do or pay reasonable attention to while in the rather rushed purchasing process, I reached out to a few of my fellow real estate agents for advice.

                When it came to experiences such as this, a few of my coworkers recommended  that the matter might very well be due to closed air vent grills. – that is, in rooms that I hadn’t been using much if at all! Initially taken aback that so straight-forward an act of neglect or oversight could even remotely be the possible reason for my high bill, I checked my extra rooms…and it seemed as if my peers’ hunch was right, since both sets of vents (registers) in the extra rooms in my apartment were closed snug like shutters.

             After a few weeks, I called my electric supplier to get an assessment of my energy usage breakdown plus they confirmed that the time phase since the opening had made a marked change in my electric consumption… Problem solved!

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