I want the perfect home

My wife and I were so excited about moving out of our tiny apartment and moving into our new home.  We found the perfect home, in the perfect area, and it was a rent to own contract. My wife immediately began to work on the bedrooms and get the master bedroom right how she wanted it to be.  I was working on the garage in the backyard. I knew that I didn’t need the garage, but I wanted it to be my recreation center. I had already told a couple of my buddies about the garage, and they were helping me to set it up.  We found a large screen television set on Craigslist. We had a sofa and a couple of recliner. There was a poker table with the chairs, that we found in the free for free sections. We also had a pool table that one of the guys was donating.  We were talking about what to do for HVAC, because we didn’t want to have the doors open all of the time. I talked to another friend of ours and he talked about a space HVAC system. It was on the order of the mini split system. It could give heating if it needed to, but it was great for the air conditioning.  We didn’t care what kind of air conditioning system it was, as long as it could keep us cool while we were drinking the beer we were storing in the mini fridge. We all agreed, however, that we needed to have air conditioning. Now we’re looking in the ads to see if someone is selling a mini-split for cheap.

air conditioner installation