I want my money back

Do you know what the word progressive means?  We call both people & things progressive. Until recently, I had no clue what progressive actually meant.   Language is progressive because people start applying words in new ways all the time! Careers can be progressive in that  you have something new to do every day. I think the most progressive thing in society is currently technology. Technological innovations happen all the time.   Heating, Ventilation, & A/C technology is forever changing and improving. Commercial freezers & refrigerated sections in grocery stores actually fall under the heading of HVAC.   HVAC technology involves those units which are commonly referred to as coolers. The local grocery store needs their frozen & cold food storage systems to operate dependably and efficiently.  They require a powerful and cost-effective HVAC system, as well as a knowledgeable installation and maintenance contractor. They certainly take advantage of the benefits of progressive HVAC technology. HVAC technology needs to respond to the needs of commercial clients as well as residential demand.  From grocery stores and industrial facilities to apartment houses and one-family homes, HVAC is used in everyday life. HVAC technology impacts our environment. Greenhouse gasses and combustion byproducts and ozone-depleting refrigerant are a concern. The HVAC industry has answered with new products which minimize the impact on the environment.  These options help save energy & money. HVAC zone control is also becoming more widely used, increasing comfort and energy savings. Wifi connectivity gives people remote access to their heating, cooling and air quality equipment, upgrading convenience.

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