I want HVAC and not squirrels in my garage

My husband wanted to use his garage as his year-round workshop but he knew he would need to get HVAC out there.

Ever since we have lived here, we have had the attached garage and other than it housing a few pieces of junk, we have never used it as a garage.

We have a three bay pole building right in front of the house. This makes a great garage, so the small one car garage was forgotten. When he decided to use it as a workshop, I told him I would help him clean it out. He told me he wanted to call the HvAC company to see what it would cost to have heating and air conditioning. I called the HVAC company when I went upstairs and I made an appointment for them to come to the house. We knew that we had squirrels in the garage, but we could never figure out where they were coming from. We often found nuts stored in odd little places. When the HVAC technician showed up, we soon found out where the squirrels were. He pointed to a barely visible air vent that was up in the corner of the garage. We moved the boxes away only to find that there were nuts all over. Apparently the squirrels were living in the air vent and using our garage as a storage bin. The HVAC tech opened up the air vent and cleaned all of the squirrel material out. I went in and hit the thermostat and air conditioning began to blow into the garage. No squirrels now, but we have plenty of AC and heat.

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