I want help

I inherited my house from my parents, and despite its physical age and old appliances, I love this building to death.  I didn’t grow up in this house, but I spent a good part of my teenage years here and many summers through college. It’s a beautiful old farm style house near a river.  There are lots of pine trees in the yard and lush green grass. I can’t complain much about the house, sure the steps creak and the windows aren’t perfectly insulated, and maybe it could use a coat of fresh paint, but this old house has charm.  But that charm ends once you start talking about the air conditioner. I haven’t used the furnace nearly as much, but I haven’t had an issue with it yet. The air conditioner on the other hand is a nightmare. It cools rooms unevenly, leaving the ones closest to the air handler freezing cold while the ones upstairs are hot and muggy.  It runs longer than it should and costs a lot of money out of my electric bill every month. It’s also extremely loud and smells a little when it runs, no doubt due to mold buildup somewhere in the system. When I had finally saved enough money to buy a new air conditioner, I was ecstatic, especially with the seemingly endless list of choices.  My HVAC supplier put in new ducts with dampers that control the flow of air from one room to the next, so you can force your system to push some of the cooled air that would normally get trapped downstairs into harder to reach zones like upstairs bedrooms. It’s incredibly efficient and runs quietly too. Granted, it wasn’t the easiest expense, but I’m happy every second that I chose to buy it.  I also increased the value on my house all in one fell swoop.

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