I want a new filter

This past year, our weather changed unquestionably randomly.  It seemed that 1 day it was sleeting & cold, then the next day was warm plus humid.  With the arrival of sun plus cloudless skies, I was in a immense hurry to fire up the pool, set up the barbecue pit, plus get the lawn trimmed.  I had outdoor furniture to haul out from the shed, snow equipment to put away, plus pool accessories to get. Plus, our kids are overwhelmed by school athletic interests, so life was truly hectic.  I completely blanked on scheduling professional repair for the central cooling unit. When the outside temps rose into the low seventies, with excessive humidity, I turned the temperature control low, started up the air unit and then knew I had a complication.  The air unit made a unquestionably odd clunking plus the air from the ventilation carried an unpleasant, musty stink. I made certain to replace the air filter, while I carefully hosed the vents. I just didn’t have time to call a repair guy plus spend a day watching an Heating & A/C professional.  I hoped that once it ran for awhile the A/C component would work out the issues. Unfortunately, the problems only maximized. The weather continued to soar up, plus the air conditioning was blowing non stop at top capacity. I ended up lowering our temperature control dial several times, placing even more strain on the A/C components.  Even as it was making ugly sounds, putting out less air, plus dripping water, I never got around to calling for professional service until it failed completely. When the Heating & A/C business took apart the thing, he showed us all a tremendous growth of mold, mildew, dirt plus all sorts of heinous stuff.

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